Music Options

Traditionally, business messaging was produced in "blocks" ("productions"), typically 4 to 6 minutes in length, with the music in the background. If you wanted to freshen your music, the entire production had to be redone at great expense, even though all you needed was new music. AMTC Messaging uses a revolutionary new concept: music and messages are separate files. We’ve created special music channels made up of short, instrumental “songs” (tracks). Via your customer account at, you select the music channel you wish to use with your messages, based on genre and song length, as well as the number of songs you wish to play between messages. The songs are produced so that the transition from a message to music and back to another message is smooth and seamless. Changing the music does not affect your messages at all. This allows you to "freshen up" your messaging simply by changing your music selection, at no cost to you.

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