FAQ: How Do You Say Newspaper In Spanish?

What is the word for newspaper in Spanish?

[ˈnjuːsˌpeɪpəʳ ] (gen) periódico m. (= daily) diario m.

What do we call newspaper in French?

Wiktionary: newspaper → papier journal, journaux, journal.

Does Poquito mean?

po·qui·to Masculine – Noun – Singular Plural: poquitos. Translate ” poquito ” to English: small amount, little amount, small quantity, hint, little quantity, smattering, spot, touch, trace, shade.

Are newspapers masculine or feminine?

There isn’t anything especially feminine about the particular word ” newspaper “, so a dictionary entry for the word will not classify it as female (or as male ). The use of “sister” in this context is conventional; there isn’t any particular logic behind it.

What is the meaning of Periodico?

British English: periodic ADJECTIVE /ˌpɪərɪˈɒdɪk/ Periodic events or situations happen occasionally, at fairly regular intervals.

How do u say movies in Spanish?

I wish you would help me to improve my Spanish. Translation by Vocabulix.

English Spanish
the movie la pelicula

How do you spell News in French?

1. L’actualité / les actualités / les nouvelles ( news ) These are the common words used for the English word “ news.” You’ll notice that even though English always makes “ news ” plural, it can be singular or plural in French.

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How do you say newspaper column in French?

” newspaper column ” translation into French

  1. volume_up. chroniqueur de journal.
  2. volume_up. chroniqueur de journaux.

What is French magazine?

1. (= publication) magazine m ⧫ revue f.

What does Paquita mean?

The name Paquita is primarily a female name of Spanish origin that means Free.

What language is poquito?

Translate ” poquito ” from Spanish to English – Interglot Mobile.

What’s Pequeno mean?

pequeño adjective, noun. little, small, short, slight, child.

Is Journal masculine or feminine French?

un livre (a book) le journal (the newspaper) une maison (a house) la fleur (the flower)

Is professeur masculine or feminine?

Le professeur (m) (the professor) is always masculine, even when it’s talking about your female professor/teacher! The nouns that express things without an obvious gender (e.g., objects and abstract concepts) have only one form.

Whats the full meaning of newspaper?

“Over 20 years of studying and only today I find out that the word ‘ NEWSPAPER ‘ is the abbreviation of ‘North, East, West, South, Past and Present Events Report’.

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