FAQ: How To Bypass Newspaper Paywall?

How can I read paid newspaper articles for free?

10 Ways to Read Articles Without Subscription

  1. Opening the page in Incognito Tab.
  2. Stop the page loading before the paywall gets loaded.
  3. Reset Your Browser Cookies.
  4. Save the article as a PDF.
  5. Look for the Duplicate Article.
  6. Use a VPN Service.
  7. Use Outline to read articles without a subscription.

Is it illegal to bypass a paywall?

It would be a violation of the terms of service; in a very extreme case it could be considered theft of service and/or computer fraud (legal definitions of computer fraud vary). The fact that you’re easily able to work around this by clearing your browser cookies is not relevant and will not be a successful defence.

How do I bypass independent paywall?

How to Bypass Paywalls of Leading News Websites

  1. Use Cached Versions of Websites. As of 2019, news outlets understand that freeloaders are going to mooch off them by using cached versions of their sites.
  2. Rinse and Repeat.
  3. Use Web Archives.
  4. Use Paywall Bypass Extensions.
  5. 29 comments.

How do I get past the New York Times paywall?

5 Ways You Can Still Get Around the New York Times Paywall

  1. Google the headline. This also works for the Wall Street Journal paywall.
  2. Use an incognito window in Chrome. Incognito windows let you browse the Web privately.
  3. Search for the link on Twitter.
  4. Use the NYClean bookmark.
  5. Quit complaining and pony up the $15 per month for quality journalism.
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How do I view articles behind paywall?

While there isn’t an exit button easily accessible, you can view the page source and remove it manually to reveal the content behind it. For example, in Chrome, right-click the paywall message and select Inspect. Use the mouse pointer option at the top left of Chrome’s tool to find the source code of the paywall.

Is Unpaywall safe?

Is Unpaywall legal? Yes! We harvest content from legal sources including repositories run by universities, governments, and scholarly societies, as well as open content hosted by publishers themselves. We do not harvest from sources of dubious legality like ResearchGate or Sci-Hub.

What is a soft paywall?

A soft paywall allows users to access some digital content based on criteria set up by the online publisher. This approach allows visitors to experience the quality of content, before being required to subscribe. The most common form is a metered paywall.

Can you get the Wall Street Journal for free?

The Easiest Way To Read The Wall Street Journal For Free All it takes is a simple Google Chrome extension called “Read WSJ,” which places a little “unlock” button next to any locked articles.

How can I get Nytimes for free?

Anytime you hit a page on the NY Times ‘ website asking you to cough up some cash to continue reading, simply hit the NYTClean bookmark in your toolbar. Magically, it works and you’re redirected to a free version of the article.

How can I bypass paywalls from popular news sites?

Use Browser Add-Ons/Extensions to bypass paywalls (Mozilla Firefox) Some browser extensions allow you to bypass paywalls by blocking specific scripts (such as the ones used to display paywall prompts) from loading, or by disabling cookies on specific sites; thus, allowing you to read complete articles.

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How can I get more articles for free?

  1. Google a Headline. This is the easiest way to get around most paywalls.
  2. Use a Referer Control Extension.
  3. Go Into Incognito Mode.
  4. Delete Your Cookies.
  5. Make the Most Out of Social Media.
  6. Make Use of Your Read-It-Later Apps.
  7. Switch Up Your Browser.

How many Washington Post articles can I read for free?

All readers get free access to Washington Post digital content for up to 20 articles per month.

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