FAQ: What City Is The Guardian Newspaper Published In?

Who owns the Guardian newspaper?

Guardian Media Group

Type Public limited company
Operating income £8.5 million
Net income £8 million
Owner Scott Trust Limited
Divisions Guardian News & Media Top Right Group (formerly Emap) GMG Property Services Group


Is the guardian a US newspaper?

Guardian US is the Manhattan-based American online presence of the British print newspaper The Guardian. Guardian US is only available online. John Mulholland, appointed in January 2018, is the editor of Guardian US.

Where was the Manchester Guardian printed?

Early History as Manchester Guardian The first publication of the paper dates back to May 5th 1821 when the first edition of the Manchester Guardian was printed in Manchester.

What is the address of the guardian?

Contact The Guardian

Postal address Kings Place 90 York Way London N1 9GU
Telephone +44 20 3353 2000
Official website theguardian.com
Wikipedia Guardian_Media_Group
Main email [email protected]
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Which political party does the Guardian support?

The Guardian

The Guardian front page on 15 January 2018
Political alignment Centre-left
Language English
Headquarters Kings Place, London
Country United Kingdom


Is the Guardian in financial trouble?

The Guardian could see up to 180 jobs cut after a £25m drop in revenue amid the coronavirus pandemic. The viral crisis has created an “unsustainable financial outlook”, the paper’s editor-in-chief Katherine Viner and Guardian Media Group chief executive Annette Thomas said in a joint statement.

Is the guardian a British newspaper?

The Guardian, formerly (1821–1959) The Manchester Guardian, influential daily newspaper published in London, generally considered one of the United Kingdom’s leading newspapers.

Who is the guardian target audience?

The Guardian + Observer target an educated, middle-class, left-leaning, 18+ audience.

Who owns the Scott Trust?

The Scott Trust Limited is the British company that owns Guardian Media Group and thus The Guardian and The Observer as well as various other media businesses in the UK. In 2008, it replaced the Scott Trust, which had owned The Guardian since 1936.

Is the observer part of the Guardian?

The Observer is a British newspaper published on Sundays. In the same place on the political spectrum as its sister papers The Guardian and The Guardian Weekly, whose parent company Guardian Media Group Limited acquired it in 1993, it takes a social liberal or social democratic line on most issues.

What year did the Manchester Guardian become the guardian?

In 1959 the paper changed its name to the Guardian to reflect the growing importance of national and international affairs in the newspaper, but never lost its original values and Manchester roots.

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What is the history of The Observer and The Guardian?

The Manchester Guardian was founded by cotton merchant John Edward Taylor in the wake of the Peterloo massacre of 1819. The first edition appeared on 5 May 1821. Taylor’s nephew CP Scott went on to become editor in 1872 and bought the paper in 1907.

How do I submit a photo to the Guardian?

To submit your photograph so that we can consider it for publication email it to in. pictures @theguardian.com together with a brief explanation of what inspired you to take the picture. 2. The theme for each week, the deadline and the date of appearance in Guardian Weekend Magazine is available here.

What is the email address for the Guardian?

Individual staff, whether editorial or commercial, can be contacted using this email format: [email protected]

What does guardian name mean?

A guardian is someone who has been legally appointed to look after another person’s affairs, for example those of a child or someone who is mentally ill. संरक्षक mnअभिभावक mn. countable noun. If you consider someone a defender or protector of something, you can call them its guardian.

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