Often asked: Which English Newspaper Is Best?

Which is the best newspaper to improve English?

12 Best English Newspapers in India to Improve your English

  • The Indian Express:
  • The Times of India:
  • The Hindu:
  • The Tribune:
  • Hindustan Times:
  • The Economic Times:
  • Daily News and Analysis:
  • The Telegraph:

Which is the No 1 English newspaper in India?

It is one of the oldest English Newspapers in India. The newspaper was founded in 1931 and is owned by the Indian Express Group. It is one of the best and highest circulated Indian newspapers and owned by Indian Express Group. 2. The Indian Express.

Type Daily newspaper
Language English
Headquarters New Delhi, India

Which is the best English newspaper for students in India?

“The Hindu” is the best English Newspaper for students It is the best newspaper for preparation of any competative exams. The Hindu is the best newspaper paper available for students to read. If its unavailable then one can go with Indian Express.

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Which is the toughest newspaper in English in India?

Decaan Herald News paper contains the most difficult English words…!!

Which is the cheapest English newspaper?

  • 3.3. Indian Express.
  • 3.4. The Statesman.
  • 3.5. The Telegraph.
  • 3.6. The Hindu.
  • 3.7. Deccan Chronicle.
  • 3.8. Deccan Herald.
  • 3.9. Free Press Journal.
  • 3.10. Asian Age.

Is English newspaper improve English?

It is also a reliable source to expand your English vocabulary. Also, along with extensive knowledge, it can also help improve your spoken English as you read aloud with the articles, a habit that is important if your are trying how to learn to speak English fluently.

Which newspaper is mostly read in India?

List of newspapers in India by circulation

S.No Newspaper June – December (2019)
1 Dainik Jagran 4,579,051
2 Dainik Bhaskar 3,614,162
3 The Times of India 2,880,144
4 Malayala Manorama 2,308,612


How many newspapers are there in India in 2020?

Whether you believe it or not but India has the second-largest Market of newspapers in the world as there are over 100,000 newspaper publications, 240 million circulations, the cherry on top; 1300 million readers.

Which is the best paper in India?

Top 10 Paper Mills, Paper Manufacturing Companies in India

  • Tamilnadu Newsprint & Papers Ltd.
  • Ballarpur Industries Ltd (Avantha)
  • International Paper APPM Ltd.
  • JK Paper Ltd.
  • Seshasayee Paper & Boards Ltd.
  • The West Coast Paper Mills Ltd (SKB)
  • Kushal Ltd.
  • Emami Paper Mills Ltd.

Which newspaper is easiest read?

USA Today is a very reputable American newspaper focusing on US and world news. Its online version is accessible, easy to read and provides timely coverage of all sorts of important news topics. This news source is great for beginner, intermediate and advanced learners alike.

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What is the most expensive newspaper?

BUCHAREST, Romania– The “Auroch and the Eagle” (“Zimbrulu and Vulturulu”), bought for 830 000 Euros by Joseph Hackmey. sets the world record for the most expensive newspaper copy in the world.

How many English newspapers are there in India?

As of 31 March 2018, there were over 100,000 publications registered with the Registrar of Newspapers for India. India has the second-largest newspaper market in the world, with daily newspapers reporting a combined circulation of over 240 million copies as of 2018.

Which is the most expensive newspaper in India?

As Far as i know, The Hindu is the most expensive newspaper in India. It’s monthly subscription even costs around 300–350 INR per month.

What is the cost of newspaper in India?

It is interesting to note that the cheapest newspaper comes for Rs 2 which is a regional language newspaper while price of business newspapers goes high to Rs 10 such as The Economic Times being sold at Rs 10, Business Standard at Rs 7 and Financial Express Rs 8.

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