Often asked: Who Owns The Atlanta Journal Constitution Newspaper?

Who is the publisher of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution?

ATLANTA, June 28, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — Cox Enterprises Inc. has named Donna B. Hall publisher of The Atlanta Journal – Constitution ( AJC ).

What is the main purpose of the AJC?

AJC builds alliances with a broad range of faith and ethnic communities in order to jointly advance issues of mutual concern. Fundamental to our mission is the belief that the well-being of the Jewish community is linked to that of other faith and ethnic groups in the United States and abroad.

What happened to the AJC Vent?

Q: What happened to The Vent that was published in the AJC’s Sports section on Sundays? A: An editorial decision was made to discontinue publishing The Sports Vent. You can read and post comments to The Sports Vent, which is online at vent. ajc.com. Select Sports from the pulldown menu.

Who was the editor of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution and became very famous because of it?

Its emergence early in the Reconstruction era, and the general balance of its coverage, soon defined the Constitution as a leader among Southern papers. In the late 1870s and the 1880s, the Constitution became famous for the editorials of Henry W. Grady and for the breadth of its coverage.

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What kind of newspaper is the Atlanta Journal-Constitution?

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Prototype of The Atlanta Journal-Constitution redesign
Type Daily newspaper
Format Broadsheet
Owner(s) Cox Enterprises
Editor Kevin Riley

Where was the Atlanta Constitution written?

The building at 143 Alabama Street was The Atlanta Constitution’s home from 1947-1953. The building at 143 Alabama Street was The Atlanta Constitution’s home from 1947-1953. THURSDAY, JUNE 18, 1868 | A NEWSPAPER IS BORN: The June 16 inaugural edition of The Constitution has been lost over the years.

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