Often asked: Who Owns Usa Today Newspaper?

Who owns USA Today?

USA Today

USA Today front page (2 February 2017)
Format Broadsheet
Owner (s) Gannett
Founder(s) Al Neuharth
Publisher Maribel Perez Wadsworth


Who is the CEO of Gannett?

Bob Dickey – President and CEO – Gannett Co., Inc | LinkedIn.

How many news outlets does Gannett own?

Gannett Company owns over 100 daily newspapers, and nearly 1,000 weekly newspapers. These operations are in 43 U.S. states and six countries.

Who controls the media in the USA?

Who Owns the Media in the U.S.? About 15 billionaires and six corporations own most of the U.S. media outlets. The biggest media conglomerates in America are AT&T, Comcast, The Walt Disney Company, National Amusements (which includes Viacom Inc.

Does Murdoch own USA Today?

Through his company News Corp, he is the owner of hundreds of local, national, and international publishing outlets around the world, including in the UK (The Sun and The Times), in Australia (The Daily Telegraph, Herald Sun and The Australian), in the US (The Wall Street Journal and the New York Post), book publisher

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Who is Gannett owned by?

New Media Investment Group said Monday that it reached a deal to acquire Gannett, which owns USA TODAY and more than 100 other daily publications and digital marketing services such as ReachLocal.

Who bought Gannett?

NEW YORK — GateHouse closed its $1.1 billion takeover of USA Today publisher Gannett, becoming the country’s largest newspaper company by far and pledging significant cost cuts at a time when print publications are in precipitous decline.

Who is buying Gannett?

GateHouse Media, a chain backed by an investment firm, is buying USA Today owner Gannett for $12.06 a share in cash and stock, or about $1.4 billion. The combined company would have more than 260 daily papers in the U.S. along with more than 300 weeklies.

How many newspapers does USA own?

Gannett, which publishes USA Today, owns just over 100 newspapers while New Media Enterprises, GateHouse Media’s parent company, owns nearly 400 American newspapers across 39 states. When combined, the new company will own one out of every six newspapers in the United States.

What newspapers are owned by GateHouse Media?

Monmouth Daily Review Atlas www.reviewatlas.com Daily
Olney The Olney Daily Mail www.olneydailymail.com Daily
Pekin Pekin Daily Times www.pekintimes.com Daily
Pontiac Daily Leader www.pontiacdailyleader.com Daily
West Frankfort Daily American www.dailyamericannews.com Daily


How many employees does Gannett have?


Headquarters of USA Today and parent company Gannett Company in Tysons Corner, Virginia
Total equity US$ 981 million (2019)
Number of employees 21,255 (2019)
Parent New Media Investment Group
Divisions ReachLocal


How old is USA now?

USA TODAY is a multi-platform news and information media company. Founded in 1982, USA TODAY’s mission is to serve as a forum for better understanding and unity to help make the USA truly one nation.

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What is the circulation of USA Today?

In 2020, the Sunday issue of USA Today had a circulation of just 802.68 thousand copies, down from 2.55 million in 2018. Daily circulation also fell significantly, from 1.39 million in 2019 to 1.06 million in 2020.

Does USA Today still print?

“Gannett has no plans to discontinue the print edition of USA TODAY, which remains an important part of our business. Gannett remains committed to high-quality journalism for the communities we serve and our ongoing digital transformation, and we are pleased to have found a like-minded partner in New Media.

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