Question: Where Can I Buy A Washington Post Newspaper?

Who sells the Washington Post?

In 2013, Jeff Bezos purchased the paper for US$250 million. The newspaper is now owned by Nash Holdings LLC, a company controlled by Bezos.

Is The Washington Post available in print?

The Print Edition app is now located in the Washington Post app (black icon) so you no longer need to have multiple apps to read our digital experience and our print edition experience. Once you have downloaded the Washington Post app, you can delete the Washington Post Print Edition app.

How do I get the Washington Post newspaper?

You can also call 202-334-6100 to use our automated telephone service or to speak with a customer service representative. Please note in order to get your paper re-delivered, you must call before 10:00 AM Monday to Friday, 10:30 AM on Saturday and holidays, and 11:00 AM on Sunday.

Can I get Washington Post delivered?

All readers of The Washington Post website or apps have access to a limited number of articles every month, and can sign up for newsletters delivered directly through email. All home delivery subscriptions include a Premium Digital Subscription.

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Is The Washington Post free with Amazon Prime?

Your digital subscription gives you unlimited access to all articles, plus access to all the news via any supported device like a smartphone, tablet, or laptop.

What media does Jeff Bezos own?

Jeff Bezos also owns the over-140-year-old newspaper ‘The Washington Post’. Nash Holdings, a private company owned by Bezos, bought the newspaper in August 2013 for $250 million.

How much does the Washington Post newspaper cost?

A digital subscription to the Post normally costs $9.99 a month, but Prime users will be able to get it for $3.99 after the free six months. The publisher has had a metered paywall on its site since June 2013.

Where can I read Washington Post for free?

Originally Answered: Can I read the Washington Post for free? You absolutely can, just go to google playstore and search for the app called “The Washington Post ”.

How can I read Washington Post for free?

Washington Post offers free access to users who are Amazon Prime members, meaning people who bought the Amazon Prime subscription. Also, you can have unlimited access if you have.

Where can I buy a hard copy of the Washington Post?

How can I get professional reprints of, or permission to use, individual articles or videos? Go to and complete the relevant forms. You may also e-mail [email protected] or call 212.221. 9595, ext.

How much is online subscription to Washington Post?

A Washington Post digital subscription typically costs $9.99/month.

How much does the Washington Post app cost?

With all of the quality journalism you expect from The Washington Post, our apps are free to download, and subscribers have unlimited access. Use your phone’s camera to scan the QR code to download the app.

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What will newspapers cost in 2020?

Buying power of $8 since 1997

Year USD Value Inflation Rate
2017 $13.68 2.84%
2018 $14.10 3.09%
2019 $15.04 6.63%
2020 $15.86 5.49%


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