Quick Answer: Who Owns The Independent Newspaper?

What political party does the newspaper support?

i (newspaper)

Front page of the first edition of the i on 26 October 2010
Type Daily newspaper
Political alignment Liberalism
Headquarters Northcliffe House London, England, UK
Circulation 221,083 (as of October 2019)

Who owns Independent News & Media?

The company, which owns the Sunday Independent, Irish Independent, Independent.ie and several other titles, said that the move reflected the significant changes which had been made since the business was acquired by Belgian media group Mediahuis in 2019.

Who owns the newspapers in the UK?

Broadsheet and former broadsheet newspapers

Title Days of publication Owner
The Daily Telegraph Daily Press Holdings (Barclay brothers)
The Sunday Telegraph Sundays
The Times Daily News Corporation
The Sunday Times Sundays

Is the independent newspaper the same as the I?

The i was launched in 2010 as a sister paper to the Independent. At its launch, it shared the same editorial staff as its sister paper and was seen as a way of extending the Independent’s brand to a new market. But in 2016, the Independent closed its print edition and the i was sold for £24m to Johnston Press.

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How much does the Independent newspaper cost?

Newspaper prices at a glance

Independent 70p
Daily Telegraph 70p
Times 65p
Daily Mail 45p
Daily Express 40p


Which UK newspapers are left wing?


  • New Statesman – independent political and cultural magazine.
  • The New Worker – from the New Communist Party of Britain.
  • The Socialist – from the Socialist Party (England and Wales).
  • Socialist Worker – from the Socialist Workers Party.
  • Sunday Mirror – sister newspaper to Daily Mirror, published every Sunday.

Does Denis O’Brien own the Irish Independent?

Bauer Media agrees to buy Denis O’Brien owned Communicorp – including Newstalk and Today FM stations – Independent.ie.

Is the Irish Independent a tabloid?

Connect: The “compact” Irish Independent brought the fashion for tabloid versions of broadsheets to Irish newspapers this week. Last September, the paper’s British stablemate, the Independent, produced a tabloid version of its broadsheet self.

What kind of newspaper is the Irish Independent?

Irish Independent

Irish Independent front page on 24 November 2005
Type Daily newspaper and digital publication
Format Compact
Owner(s) Independent News & Media who are a subsidiary of Mediahuis
Editor Cormac Bourke

Is the Daily Mail owned by Rupert Murdoch?

Certainly, a very small number of corporations own the bulk of media companies. News UK (part of News International owned by Rupert Murdoch ), the Daily Mail and General Trust (run by Viscount Rothermere) and Reach PLC (formerly Trinity Mirror, whose CEO is Simon Fox and who have now bought the Express) own over 70% of

Who is the Daily Mail owned by?

The paper is owned by the Daily Mail and General Trust. Daily Mail.

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Daily Mail front page on 4 August 2010
Type Daily newspaper
Format Tabloid
Owner(s) Daily Mail and General Trust
Founder(s) Alfred Harmsworth and Harold Harmsworth


Which billionaires own the media?

And then there are the elites who own media: Billionaire Jeff Bezos owns The Washington Post (he also owns 75% of Amazon, which recently acquired Whole Foods). Billionaire Mortimer Zuckerman owns US News & World Report and the New York Daily News. Billionaire Patrick Soon-Shiong owns the Los Angeles Times.

Does the independent newspaper still exist?

The Independent is a British online newspaper that was established in 1986 as a national morning printed paper. Nicknamed the Indy, it began as a broadsheet and changed to tabloid format in 2003. The last printed edition was published on Saturday 26 March 2016, leaving only the online edition.

Which party does the independent support?

National daily newspapers

Newspaper Endorsement
The Independent None
Morning Star Labour Party
The Sun Conservative Party
The Times Conservative Party

Which newspapers are owned by Rupert Murdoch?

His holding company News Corporation acquired Twentieth Century Fox (1985), HarperCollins (1989), and The Wall Street Journal (2007).

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