Readers ask: How Do You Say Newspaper In French?

What is newspaper called in French?

1. (= publication) journal m. I deliver newspapers. Je livre des journaux. in the newspaper dans le journal.

What is the French word for news?

1. L’actualité / les actualités / les nouvelles ( news ) These are the common words used for the English word “ news.” You’ll notice that even though English always makes “ news ” plural, it can be singular or plural in French.

Is newspaper masculine or feminine in French?

un livre (a book) le journal (the newspaper ) une maison (a house) la fleur (the flower)

How do you say Daily News in French?


  1. I deliver newspapers. Je livre des journaux.
  2. to be in the newspapers être dans les journaux.
  3. daily newspaper quotidien m.
  4. weekly newspaper hebdomadaire m.

How do you say newspaper column in French?

” newspaper column ” translation into French

  1. volume_up. chroniqueur de journal.
  2. volume_up. chroniqueur de journaux.

Is Le Monde left wing?

Le Monde Diplomatique is a left – wing newspaper available in 26 languages. Even though its parent company is the newspaper Le Monde, Le Monde Diplomatique enjoys full editorial independence and is known for its dislike of capitalism.

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How do you say good news in French?

That’s wonderful news! C’est une merveilleuse nouvelle! I’ve got some good news for you. J’ai de bonnes nouvelles pour toi.

How do you say bad news in French?

I’ve had some bad news. J’ai reçu de mauvaises nouvelles.

What’s the meaning of nous in French?

pronoun. ourselves [pronoun] used as the object of a verb when the person speaking and other people are the object of an action etc they perform. 5

Is voiture feminine in French?

In French, the word for “car” (“ voiture ”) is feminine. Therefore: J’ai acheté une ( voiture ) Mercedes.

Is music masculine or feminine in French?

The word for ” music ” becomes feminine in French! This is because French has distinctions for every single name or noun, and all of them are either masculine or feminine in gender.

What is the main newspaper in Paris France?

Le Parisien, ( French: “The Parisian”) morning daily newspaper published in Paris, one of the largest and most influential in France.

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