Readers ask: What Is A Feature Story In A Newspaper?

What is a feature story example?

Examples of feature stories include news features, profiles, spot features, trend stories, and live-ins. Feature stories can be found in the main news section of a newspaper, especially if they profile a person or group currently in the news.

How do you write a feature story for a newspaper?

How to Write a Feature Story

  1. Choose an interesting, newsworthy subject.
  2. Schedule a convenient, in-person interview.
  3. Choose your quotes.
  4. Write your draft.
  5. Ask for approval/clarification before publishing.
  6. Move forward.

What is the difference between a news story and a feature story?

The major difference between a news story and a feature story is that a news story is time-sensitive. Media outlets want to publish news stories as quickly as possible after an event occurs. Feature stories, however, are not as time-dependent and contain no urgent content.

What makes a feature story a feature story?

Feature stories are descriptive and full of detail. Feature stories generally have a strong narrative line. Feature stories have a strong lead that grabs readers and makes them want to read on. Feature stories combine facts and opinion, with a focus on the human interest side of the story.

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What is a feature in a story?

A feature is a longer piece of writing than a news story. Features come in many different types and are widely used in magazines, newspapers and online. A feature will often cover an issue in greater depth than a news story would do; or it might look at an ongoing story from a different angle.

How do you end a feature story?

Conclusion. Create a satisfactory ending so that the reader understands that the story has reached a conclusion. Don’t spoil a good feature by letting it tail off, or make it bottom-heavy by cramming in information that should have been woven in higher up.

How do you start a feature story?

The Beginning Start your feature with a bang as a way to draw attention. How are you going to hook your audience? Don’t just concentrate on facts in the paragraph; make the reader want to continue reading. The opening paragraph should also set the stage for the rest of the story.

What are the steps in writing a feature story?

How To Write A Feature Article | FAQs

  • The process is simple in theory:
  • Step 1: Come up with an idea, or several ideas mixed together.
  • Step 2: Develop a topic proposal or story pitch.
  • Step 3: Work out a practical plan of action.
  • Step 4: Draft and redraft your article until its ready to send off.

How do you format a feature story?

Like most articles, a feature story follows a specific format and outline. There will always be a title/headline, deck, introduction, body, and conclusion. A good feature article contextualizes the story so it’s relatable and immediately relevant to the reader.

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Who is best feature writer?

Feature Writing

  • Ben Taub of The New Yorker.
  • Hannah Dreier of ProPublica.
  • Rachel Kaadzi Ghansah, freelance reporter, GQ.
  • C. J.
  • Kathryn Schulz of The New Yorker.
  • Diana Marcum of Los Angeles Times.
  • No award given.
  • John Branch of The New York Times.

What are the two types of feature stories?

Different Kinds of Feature Stories

  • Human interest. Involves persons rather than things.
  • Interviews. Usually done with prominent persons.
  • Informational features. Of historical, social, practical interest.
  • Personality sketch. Develops a total picture of the person.
  • Featurettes. What we used to call “Brites.” Also called “mini- features.” Clever.

What is the purpose of a feature story?

Features are more in-depth than traditional news stories and go beyond providing the most important facts. The purpose of these stories is to provide a detailed description of a place, person, idea, or organization.

How long is a feature story?

They usually average between 300-500 words. Feature stories are often more wordy and they have a creative structure. Feature stories can be more than 2000 words.

How do I find a feature story?

  1. People Around You. You would not even believe how much inspiration you can get just by interacting with other people.
  2. Local Newspapers.
  3. Niche Exhibitions and Shows.
  4. Your Own Curiosity.
  5. Online Researches and Studies.
  6. Newsletters for High-Quality Feature Story Ideas.
  7. Journal Alerts.
  8. Blogs.

What are the 5 parts of a story?

This song covers the five main elements of a story: setting, plot, characters, conflict and theme.

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