Readers ask: Who Reads The Guardian Newspaper?

What demographic reads the Guardian?

Readers of The Guardian were more likely to be women, with nearly 12.8 million monthly female readers from April 2019 to March 2020.

Characteristic Individuals reached in thousands
Adults 15+ 24,063
Men 11,279
Women 12,769
Adults 15-34 7,343

Who is the guardian observer target audience readership?

The Guardian + Observer target an educated, middle-class, left-leaning, 18+ audience.

What is the publication The Guardian?

Guardian US is the Manhattan-based American online presence of the British print newspaper The Guardian. It launched in September 2011, led by editor-in-chief Janine Gibson, and followed the earlier Guardian America service, which was closed in 2009. Guardian US is only available online.

Who owns the Guardian newspaper?

Guardian Media Group

Type Public limited company
Operating income £8.5 million
Net income £8 million
Owner Scott Trust Limited
Divisions Guardian News & Media Top Right Group (formerly Emap) GMG Property Services Group


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Which political party does the Guardian support?

The Guardian

The Guardian front page on 15 January 2018
Political alignment Centre-left
Language English
Headquarters Kings Place, London
Country United Kingdom


What age group reads the Guardian?


% of Guardian readers
Age group 15-24 14
25-34 17
35-44 14
45-54 19


Is the Guardian same as the observer?

The Observer is a British newspaper published on Sundays. In the same place on the political spectrum as its sister papers The Guardian and The Guardian Weekly, whose parent company Guardian Media Group Limited acquired it in 1993, it takes a social liberal or social democratic line on most issues.

How many people read the Guardian each day?

2020 to present

Title 2021 2020
Financial Times 97,067 157,982
The Guardian 108,687 132,341
Daily Record 85,769 104,343
City A.M. N/ A 85,521

How much does the Guardian newspaper cost?

Newspaper prices at a glance

Guardian 70p
Independent 70p
Daily Telegraph 70p
Times 65p
Daily Mail 45p


Is the guardian a tabloid or broadsheet?

Both The Guardian and The Observer now use the tabloid format, having done so since January 2018. Despite these format changes, these newspapers are all still considered ‘ broadsheets ‘.

Is the guardian a British newspaper?

The Guardian, formerly (1821–1959) The Manchester Guardian, influential daily newspaper published in London, generally considered one of the United Kingdom’s leading newspapers.

Who owns the Scott Trust?

The Scott Trust Limited is the British company that owns Guardian Media Group and thus The Guardian and The Observer as well as various other media businesses in the UK. In 2008, it replaced the Scott Trust, which had owned The Guardian since 1936.

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Which UK newspapers are left wing?


  • New Statesman – independent political and cultural magazine.
  • The New Worker – from the New Communist Party of Britain.
  • The Socialist – from the Socialist Party (England and Wales).
  • Socialist Worker – from the Socialist Workers Party.
  • Sunday Mirror – sister newspaper to Daily Mirror, published every Sunday.

Is the Guardian in financial trouble?

The Guardian could see up to 180 jobs cut after a £25m drop in revenue amid the coronavirus pandemic. The viral crisis has created an “unsustainable financial outlook”, the paper’s editor-in-chief Katherine Viner and Guardian Media Group chief executive Annette Thomas said in a joint statement.

Which newspapers are owned by Murdoch?

Its titles include national broadsheet The Australian and Sydney’s The Daily Telegraph, Melbourne’s Herald Sun, Brisbane’s The Courier Mail and Adelaide’s The Advertiser.

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